Radiofrequency FREEZE

A combination of radio-frequency and magnetic pulses treats :

  • the skin and tightens it

  • aging skin

  • the fat layer and is a form of non-invasive lipolysis

  • and targets cellulite

There is a synergic effect is due to heat, produced on the poles of the hand piece which is transferred to the body in the areas to be treated.

The treatment, induces the creation of new vascular vessels, improving the blood flow in the treated area. It helps cell oxygenation. It also improves venous drainage helping to achieve an effective elimination of toxins.

The heat transmitted by the octipolar hand piece induces a non-invasive lipolysis which has been observed by the analysis of the cell’s form, by the observation of its membrane permeability and microdialisis.

It has been also demonstrated that the treatment by radio-frequency increases the amount of collagen released by the fibroblast present in the skin resulting in an augmentation in the thickness of the skin with a further contraction (skin-tightening)

Radiofrequency ELLMANN

The optimum radiosurgery wave is a frequency of 4.0 MHz, which is similar to the frequency of marine band radios. The Ellman Surgitron emits a choice of 4 waveforms, Radio-wave surgery mechanics produce less heat and lateral thermal damage compared with laser or common lower-frequency electrosurgery units. Scalpel incision produces approximately 15 to 20 m of lateral thermal damage. The 4.0-MHz radio-wave surgery has been shown to produce a similar depth of lateral tissue damage.


After the ablation, petrolatum or triple antibiotic ointment is applied on the lesion continuously until it is re-epithelialized (smooth, dry, and pink), which generally takes approximately 7 days. There is no need to cover the lesion, although occlusion does not affect healing. The patient is instructed that the lesion will remain pink with gradual fading to normal color over the ensuing weeks. Patients are reappointed for 8-week follow-up and it is not uncommon to have to resort to the preoperative picture because neither the surgeon nor the patient can see the scar. If the lesion is still visible at the 8-week follow-up, it is retreated. Very light-skinned patients may develop extended erythema and should be instructed that the scar can stay pink, in some cases, for months.


​Jet technology delivers a new kind of natural non-invasive, relaxing and painless skin-care. Pressurized air accelerates a jet of micro droplets and this microjet is used to gently and painlessly cleanse and exfoliate your skin.

JET can delivers moisture, vitamins and nutrients into your skin. It is a needle-less procedure without any down-time. It is a short and pleasant experience, the jet feels cool and soothing. The jet also massages your skin and promotes circulation, which makes your skin look more vibrant, smooth and younger.


Treatments are short, ranging from 15 to 45 minutes. After the treatment there is little irritation or redness of the skin. Many customers treat their skin regularly once every 10 to 30 days.


The treatment is an air/hydro-massage of the face and helps with lymph drainage.


Like microdermabrasion, the water jet can exfoliate superficial skin and cleanse facial skin. In this way it can help get rid of white and black heads.

It can also help cleanse wounds.


The treatment hydrates the skin and can help reduce pore size.

The jet helps to infuse different ingredients into the skin that can be mixed into the solution of the jet, like hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, C, B5, glycolic acid, triamcinolone, local anesthetic or other macromolecules.

Lymph drainage

A lymphatic drainage facial is a soothing and relaxing massage using gentle but effective brushing motions to reduce swelling in the eye and neck area, as well as the rest of the face. The lymphatic network aids in the removal of waste products from body tissue. Because of this, the efficacy of your lymph nodes in eliminating toxins is dependent on the efficacy of your circulatory system, which can mean a slower-than-desirable detoxification process. This is where physical manipulation of the lymph nodes comes in to help speed up the process. As a beneficial side effect, your immune system is also boosted. Before treatment, some patients may experience impaired lymph drainage, where, for example, flow is obstructed or simply insufficient. When flow is obstructed or too slow, lymphatic fluid (lymph) accumulates in the tissue resulting in swelling in the affected area, and this can irritate the skin. When fluid builds up like this it can cause discomfort, puffiness and a dull complexion.


The stimulation of lymph node drainage is highly recommended for acne, rosacea and general congestion of the lymphatic system (telltale signs can be bags under the eyes and a range of skin irritations). With regular treatment, the symptoms of a congested lymphatic system can be dramatically reduced, improving the skin’s appearance.

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